Ruenay foot scrub

This foot scrub is formulated with simple and pure ingredients to deliver great benefits. The scrub removes old, dry skin and reveals new, softer one. The scrub has a balanced oil base that allows long massages of the skin with just a small amount of the product.

Ruenay scrub nourishes and hydrates the skin on the feet and the legs, and leaves it gentle and soft. The scrub foams gently and effectively removes old skin.

Ruenay benefits

Simple formula

Our scrub contains only simple ingredients : sugar, sea salt, and a few essential oils to make it smell great and boost the relaxation effect. We believe that with the right ingredients can great many benefits.

Makes skin supple and soft

Sugar and sea salt are great exfoliating ingredients that gently remove old skin, without drying or irritating it. This scrub is not too harsh on the skin. It doesn’t contain any added artificial ingredients and it helps reduce dry skin.



Sugar is one of the most beneficial ingredients for such scrubs. It is a great ingredient as it gently massages the feet and it helps improve the texture of the skin. It hydrates the skin and leaves it super soft.

Sea salt

Sea salt feels extremely relaxing on the body and has a lot of benefits as well. It efficiently removes old, dry and flaky skin and reveals the supple skin beneath. It leaves the skin almost glowing and really improved.

About us:

Foot scrub

Made with natural ingredients

Nourishes the skin of the feet

Relaxes the feet

Exfoliates dry skin

Price: € 17.99


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